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one of the ten keys of a key-board, the other nine of which are in communication with nine other similar resonators each tuned to its own fork. These ten forks are of pitches corresponding to the ten partials of a compound tone.
Having thus the power of varying the number, order, and relative intensities of these ten simple tones, compound tones of any quality can be, as it were, built up.
In Chapter II we found that there are three elements that deter­mine a sound wave, viz., its length, amplitude, and form. We have since found, that it is upon the length of a sound wave that the pitch of the resulting sound depends, and upon the amplitude that its intensity depends. The form of the wave being the only property remaining, it follows that it is upon this element that the quality of the sound depends. We have now to study the connection between these two.
Fig. 42.
The simplest vibrational form is that made by a common pen­dulum, and is termed a pendular vibration. Suppose the bob of