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Dark as a Dungeon

Come [G]listen you fellows so [C]young and so [D]fine
And [G]seek not your fortune in the [C]dark dreary [G]mine
It will [G]form as a habit and [C]seep in your [D]soul
'Till the [G]stream of your blood is as [C]black as the [G]coal.

It's [D]dark as a dungeon and [C]damp as the [G]dew
There the [D]danger is double and the [C]pleasures are [G]few
Where the rain never falls and the [C]sun never [D]shines
It's [G]dark as a dungeon way [C]down in the [G]mines

It's a many a man I've seen in my day
Who lived just to labor his whole life away
Like a friend with his dove and a drunkard his wine
A man will have lust for the lure of the mine

I hope when I'm gone and the ages shall roll
My body will blacken and turn into coal
Then I'll look from the door of my heavenly home
And pity the miner a-diggin' my bones

Darling Corey

Wake [D]up, wake up darling Corey
What makes you [A]sleep so sound
The [D]revenue officers are coming
They're gonna tear you [A]stillhouse [D]down

Well the first time I seen darling Corey
She was sitting by the banks of the sea
Had a forty-four around her body
And a five string on her knee

Go away, go away darling Corey
Quit hanging around my bed
Your liquor has ruined my body
Pretty women has gone to my head

Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow
Dig a hole in the cold damp ground
Dig a hole, dig a hole in the meadow
We're gonna lay darling Corely down

Can't you hear them bluebirds a-singing
Don't you hear that mournful sound?

Dark Hollow

I'd rather [C]be in [G]some dark [C]hollow
Where the sun don't [F]ever [C]shine
Than to be at [C7]home [F]knowing that you're gone
Would cause me to [G]lose my [C]mind

So blow your whistle freight train
Carry me further on down the track
I'm going away, I'm leaving today
I'm going but I ain't coming back

I'd rather be in some dark hollow
Where the sun don't ever shine
Than to be in some big city
In a small room with your love on my mind

Fair and Tender Ladies

Come all ye [G]faIr and tender ladies
Take warning how you court your [D]men
They're like a [Am]star on a summer [G]morning
They first [Am]appear and then they're [G]gone

They'll tell to you some loving story
And they'll make you think they love you well
And away they'll go to court some other
And leave you there in grief to dwell

I wish I was a little sparrow
And I had wings to fly so high
I'd fly to the arms of my false true lover
And when he'd ask, I would deny

Oh love is handsome, love is charming
And love is pretty while it's new
But love grows cold as love grows older
And fades away like morning dew

Footprints in the Snow
Capo 2

[D]Some folks like the summer time
When they can walk [G]about
[A]Strolling through the meadow green
Its pleasent there no [D]doubt
But give me the winter time
When snow is on the [G]ground
I [A]found her when the snow was on the [D]ground

I traced her little footprints in the [A]snow
I found her little footprints in the [D]snow
Bless that happy day, when Nellie lost her [G]way
I [A]found her when the snow lay on the [D]ground

I went out to see her, there was a big round moon
Her mother said she just stepped out but would be returning soon
I found her little footprints and traced them through the snow
I found her when the snow lay on the ground

Now she's up in heaven with that angel band
I know I'm going to meet her in that promised land
Every time the snow falls it brings back memories
I found her when the snow lay on the ground

Fox on the Run

She [G]walks through the [D]corn
Leading [Am]down to the [C]river
Her [Am]hair shone like [D]gold
In the [D]hot morning [G]sun
She [G]took all the [D]love
That a [Am]poor boy could [C]give her
And [Am]left me to [D]die
Like a [C]fox on the [G]run.
Like a [C]fox (like a fox, like a fox) on the [G]run

[C]Everybody [G]knows the [D]reason for the [G]fall
How [C]woman tempted [G]man down in [A]paradise's [D]hall
This [C]woman tempted [G]me and [D]took me for a [G]ride
Now [C]like a weary [G]fox, I [D]need a place to [G]hide.


We'll pour a glass of wine to fortify our souls
We'll talk about the world and the friends we used to know
I've seen a string of girls that put me on the floor
The game is nearly over, the hounds are at my door.


Frankie and Johnny

[C]Frankie and Johnny were lovers
Lordy how they could love
[F]Frankie was loyal to Johnny
True as all the stars above
He was her [C]man
But he was [G]doing her [C]wrong

Frankie went down to the barroom
To pick up a bucket of beer
Frankie did ask the bartender
Has my lover Johnny been here?
He is my man, I think he's doing me wrong.

Ain't gonna tell you no stories
Ain't gonna tell you no lies
I seen your lover Johnny
With a gal named Nellie Bly
He's your man, I think he's doing you wrong

Frankie looked over the transome
Found to her great surprise
There on the bed lay Johnny
making love to Nellie Bly
He's her man, he's doing her wrong

Frankie drew back her kimono
Took out a big fourty-four
Root toot toot, that gal did shoot
Right through that hardwood floor
She shot her man, cause he was doing her wrong

The Girl in the Blue/Black Velvet Band

One [C]night while [G]out for a [C]ramble
The [F]hour was just about [C]nine
I [F]met a young maiden in [C]'Frisco
On the corner of [G]Cherry and [C]Pine

On her face there was beauty of nature
And in it, her eyes seem to expand
Her hair was so rich and so brilliant
Entwined in a blue velvet band.

We strolled down the long street together
In my pocket she placed her small hand
Planted the evidence on me
That girl in the blue velvet band

Then I heard the wild scream of the sirens
And the girl in the blue velvet band
She left me to face all the troubles
With a diamond that was worth ten grand

They sent me to San Quenton for stealin'
And God knows I'm an innocent man
For the guilty one now she lies dyin'
That girl in the blue velvet band.

I'll be out in a year then I'm leavin'
But I'll carry that name of a man
Who spent ten years in prison
For the girl in the blue velvet band

Last night while bedtime was ringin'
I was standin' close to the bars
I fancied I could hear her voice callin'
From far out on the ocean of stars

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