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These mixed media CDs can be played on your hi-fi or music CD player just like any normal music cd. However, they also have an extra dimension. If you use them with a Windows based PC, not only can you play the music but at the same time you can view the tablatures and music score on screen. You can also print out the tabs an scores. The printed tabs and scores are royalty free for non commercial use so you can give away copies to friends or students if you are a teacher.

To use these CDs on your computer you will need to have a 166mhz PC or better, running Windows 95 or better, and to play the music you will need to have a sound card and a windows media player (or other software capable of playing WMA files) installed, to view/print the tabs/scores you will need to have Adobe Acrobat reader 4 or later installed (a copy of this is provided on the CD in case you don't have it), and of course a CD ROM drive.


Instead of us sending you CDs in the post you download the files which can then be run direct on your PC or if you need it, you can use the downloaded files to burn your own CDs which will work as described above. The download size is around 50mb, per volume. Once downloaded you can play direct from your computer or you can create mix media CDs just like the originals, I do provide information on how to do this.

To order with paypal use the buttons below or go direct to the paypal site and request a payment to me quoting my email address "rodsmith @ rodsmith. org. uk"(remove quotes & spaces).
When ordering please remember to state which volume(s) you require.
Download Purchase single Just The Tune CD £5.00
Download Purchase single All traditional CD £5.00
Download Purchase any 3 CDs £12.00

Once your order has been made, they (Paypal) then send me an email advising this has happened, I will email you the URL where you can download the tunebook. If you do not hear from me within 24 hrs, it probably means something went wrong and your order has not got through for some reason, in this case please email me direct so I can sort out any problem.



Thanks Rod


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