A complete view of Acoustical Science & its bearings on music, for musicians & music students.

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254                       HAND-BOOK OF ACOUSTICS.
105.  Explain how a Tuning Fork can be kept in a state of continued vibration by an electro-magnet.
106.  Describe the apparatus, which is used for the purpose of keeping a number of forks in continued vibration, by means of electro-magnets and a single current. What relation must exist between the vibration numbers of these forks ?
107.  How may the relative intensities of the sounds of the forks in the above, be modified ?
108.  Describe the apparatus used by Helmholtz, in his experiments on the synthesis of Compound Tones.
109.  What is a pendular vibration ? Describe a method of obtaining a graphic representation of one.
110.  Show by a diagram how to compound two simple associated waves.
111.  Given the quality of a musical tone : is it possible to determine the corresponding wave form ? If not, why not ?