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222                    HAND-BOOK OF ACOUSTICS.
Best Distributions of Minor Tetrads.
From this Table it is evident, that a Minor chord in its Second Inversion or " c " position, must have its tones close together as in 5; that the tones of the First Inversion or "b" position must be •within a Major Tenth, as in 3, 6, and 9.
We bring this discussion to a conclusion with an extract from the Chapter on Transposition of chords in Helmholtz' -work, from which the present Chapter has been largely taken.
" In musical theory, as hitherto expounded, very little has been said of the influence of the Transposition of chords on harmonious effect. It is usual to give as a rule that close intervals must not be used in the bass, and that the intervals should be tolerably evenly distributed between the extreme tones. And even these rules do not appear as consequences of the theoretical views and laws usually given, according to whicn a consonant interval remains consonant in whatever part of the scale it is taken, and however it may be transposed or combined with others. They rather appear as practical exceptions from general rules. It was left to the musician himself to obtain some insight into the various effects of the various positions of chords, by mere use and experience. No rule could be given to guide him.