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FLUE-PIPES AND REEDS.                       108
position of the node, and the dotted lines give the associated wave form.
Fig. 54.
It is easy to show experimentally, that an open pipe which is giving forth its fundamental, has a node or place of least vibration in the centre, and two places of maximum vibration, one at each end. Let such a pipe betaken, the frontof which must be of glass. Make alittle tambourine, by stretching a piece of thin membrane over a little hoop. Place a few grains of sand on the membrane, which by means of a cord must then be gently lowered in a horizontal position into the sounding pipe. On entering it, the sand is at first violently agitated, but as the little tambourine descends, it becomes less and less disturbed, till at the centre, the sand remains quiet; on lowering it still more, the sand again begins to dance, becoming increasingly agitated as the bottom is approached.