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THE TRANSMISSION OF SOUND.                   11
glue, so as to be water-tight. This is more than half filled with water, in which are immersed at different depths, balls of wax mixed with just so much iron filings, as will make them of the same specific gravity as water. Now alternately raise and depress one end of the box, so as to give rise to waves. The balls will describe closed curves in a vertical plane, the horizontal diameter of which will much exceed the vertical. If a deeper trough be taken, the difference between the horizontal and vertical diameters of these curves will become less; and in fact, in very deep water the two diameters become of the same length; that is, the closed curves become circles. It will be noticed also, that each particle of water describes its curve and returns to its original position, in the same time as the wave takes to move through its own length. Bearing in mind these facts, we may plot out a water wave in the manner shown in fig. 10. In the top row are 17 dots, representing