A complete view of Acoustical Science & its bearings on music, for musicians & music students.

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Although many works on the subject of Acoustics have been written for the use of musical students, the author of this book has not met with one which gives, in an elementary form, more than a partial view of the science. Thus, there are several admirable treatises on the purely physical and experimental part, but most if not all of them stop short just when the subject begins to be of especial interest to the student of music. On the other hand, there are many excellent works, which treat of the bearings of purely acoustical phenomena on the science and art of music, but which presuppose a knowledge of such phenomena and their causes on the part of the reader. Thus the ordinary musical student, who can probably give but a limited amount of time to this part of his studies, is at the disadvantage of having to master several works, each probably written in a totally different style, and possibly not all agreeing perfectly with one another as to details. This disadvantage has been felt by the author, in his classes for some years past, and the present work has been written with the object of furnishing to the student, as far as is possible in an elementary work, a complete view of Acoustical science and its bearings on the art of music.