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You will find here a list of the "Just The Tune" bluegrass and oldtimey albums played in the traditional style by Rick Townend - one of the UK's leading Bluegrass and Oldtime Instrumentalists. These include tablature (tab) for guitar, banjo, dobro, dulcimer, mandolin and tenor banjo as well as standard music notation. You can also buy these albums on-line from here.

Rod's Glossary of Music Technology and Audio Terms. This is a glossary I put together a few years ago when I was getting some "Official" education in this subject. This is probably on of the most comprehensive you will find on the web. It contains a wealth of information for the pro or the home studio user. There is also a collection of links to useful home recording and music production resources.

Handbook of acoustics for music students. This is a complete online reference book that provides all the information that a musician might need to know about acoustics and the laws of physics, sound and vibrartion.

Handbook of acoustics for music students

If you really are a tune enthusiast you should visit my Traditional Music Library web site where you will find thousands of tunes of all kinds including; English, Irish, Welsh, Cajun, Bluegrass, Old-time, pub session tunes, and folk favourites.

Note: I no longer own or control this site.

Singing & Playing Related items

Collection of bluegrass, folk and traditionl songs with lyrics and chords

Singing-Bluegrass Harmony *

Basic techniques for the bluegrass instruments *
Banjo, Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Fiddle

! How To Sing, Tutorial Book by Lilli Lehmann *

Article on singing bluegrass harmony by Rick Townend *

Carter Family songs lyrics with chords marked. *

Conversion Chart - convert chords to other keys *

* See: www.traditionalmusic.co.uk, the references to them have been left here so as to allow them to still be found from existing bookmarks.

If you are interested in learning of my other projects visit my home pages at www.rodsmith.org.uk

Free Services For Folk and Traditional Music Performers, including:

Sorry but until further notice, I am unable to take on any new projects,
watch this space for updates.

Arranging & Scoring
Song book & sheet music design and production.
Multi track recording for master and demo CDs
Label, Sleeve & Insert design & production
Restoration and re-master of existing recordings
Transfer from tape or Vinyl to CD
Web site production / support for music promotion.

Why free ? In a nutshell, it's my hobby and purpose to promote "real" music.



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